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If you have a problem with Couch, Kikuyu or Buffallo in your garden beds then you have come to the right place to rid yourself of these annoying things. Weed Busters have the skills to kill these grasses without harming your plants. Just contact us for a free quote and leave it up to Weed Busters to do the job.


The beauty of selective herbicides is that they only target a specific plant. Kill grass but not a plant or kill weeds but not the lawn.

Killing grass
Sprayed on Day 1
Killing Kikuyu in Garden
7 days after spraying
Killing Kikuyu in Garden Beds
14 days after spraying
Killing Kikuyu in Garden Beds
21 days after spraying
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Weed Busters owner and operator Scott Morrow has been in the Turf industry for over 30 years. Specializing in Weed Control and Turf Management .



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