(1) ... How long after spraying will I notice the weed dieing?

Generally speaking, you wont notice much for a few days but after a week most broadleaf weeds will be starting to look sick. Weeds like Onion Grass or Nut Grass can take two to three weeks before any signs of wilting are noticed.


(2) ... If it rains after spraying will that effect the herbicide?

I like it to be dry for at least two hours after spraying for good results. Usually, if it looks like bad weather I generally wont spray. Having said that, I have had times when it rained after just one hour and it still worked.

(3) ... Is it best to have the lawn and weeds long before spraying or should I have it cut short?

For best results it's definitely better to have the weeds big. That way the bigger leaf can take up the herbicide better. Usually I recommend spraying in between lawn mowing.


(4) ... How long will the spraying work for?

As a general rule, we can only kill the weeds that are present. You can't stop new weeds from growing. I have a saying, "What's there will go, what's not may grow."... However, Winter Grass is an exception. For Winter Grass we use a Pre-Emergent herbicide to kill the weed plus stop any new ones from germinating for up to about two to three months.


(5) ... Do I need to have it sprayed once a year or more?

To cover most weeds I usually treat our lawns three times a year. Winter Grass in late April - June. Broadleaf/Clover from June - July. Bindii in late August - October. These three treatments will cover 90% of your weed problems. There are some summer growers like Nut Grass and Oxalis which may need an extra hit in the warmer months.


(6) ... Are the chemicals safe for pets?

Most herbicides are generally safe for pets but I still like to put dogs and cats inside while spraying and leave them indoors for an hour while it dries. In all my years of spraying I've never had a problem.


(7) ... How long after spraying can I cut the lawn?

I like to give the herbicide seven days to really get to work before mowing. The longer the better. However, I've had some lawns cut the very next day and it still worked ok. If you cut the lawn every four weeks in winter then I'd spray in between cutting, say two weeks.


(8) ... Is it safe for my plants?

I'm very careful while spraying near plants. Some, like Roses don't particularly like herbicides too much but as long as care is taken there wont be a problem.


(9) ... If the treatment doesn't work, will you come back to fix it?

Of course I will. If for any reason you are sure the herbicide didn't take and the account has been paid in full then just contact me within 30 days of treatment and I'll be back to fix it up.


(10) ... What if something bad happens and you kill my lawn by mistake?

I'm very sure that wont happen but if it does then you'll be safe in the knowledge that I'm fully insured and licensed by the Public Health Dept. License number 751.