Weeds in Perth, Western Australia.

The main weed season in Perth extends from late April to December. Winter Grass is best treated in May - June. All winter weeds including Clover / Broadleaf can be sprayed any time from April - December with some summer weeds (Oxalis) being treated all year. Bindii is best treated before the prickle sets which is no later than mid-October.There is no real set rule for weeds though. They have a mind of their own. If they get water they will grow.


Don`t let weeds stress you out though. Weed Busters are licensed by the WA Health Dept so you can rest easy knowing that we are experienced in the control of those annoying weeds.


Identifying a weed can be problem so I`ve got a weed gallery here for you to look at to try and find the weeds at you property.



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